Linear Tape Open (LTO) archiving solutions for a reliable way to backup and archive your digital assets for short and long term storage. All archiving products use Linear Tape File System (LTFS) making it easy to store and retrieve your data. Broadcast and media industries can’t live without

LTFS creates a kind of tape NAS. The LTFS specification defines the format and layout of the tape, and it does this on the tape. The LTFS catalogue or index is written in Extensible Markup Language (XML) and stored along the full  length of the media, not at one particular end of the tape on a separate partition from the data. This means the index can be changed or modified as needed, without affecting the data partition, and without having to rewind the media. LTFS is available from LTO  generation 5. Operating systems and applications can present LTFS metadata in standard hierarchical file system style.


Yoyotta LTFS arhive tool
Yoyatta LTFS tape archive tool and tape storage solution


YoYottaID LTFS includes all the features of YoYottaID and add the ability to create archives in parallel to two standalone LTO drives using LTFS. Quickly create industry standard archives on LTO5, LTO6 or LTO7 tapes. YoYottaID names, formats, mounts and repairs tape archives. YoYottaID remembers the contents of every tape created so later on you can search to find the location of shots.

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Archiware P5 ondermeer gebruiken voor het maken van: back-up naar hard disk en/of LTO tape storage, Tape drive en tape tape libraries
Archiware P5

Media Archiving Software

The software’s browser-based interface enables fast and easy configuration, administration and monitoring – regardless of your location.

P5 Archive helps to move data to cost-effective tape media. In the process, expensive server storage can be reclaimed while backup times are reduced. By relieving your network of traffic, you’ll get a better working experience and increased productivity.

As users requirements grow and change, P5’s modular design allows for optimal scaling to fit your specific needs. There are no limits to possible growth: you can easily add further Archiware products, hardware or media to expand your setup. P5 Archive can save data to disk and tape, while the same hardware is used by P5 Backup.

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Strongbox data archive solution

LTFS tape storage archive
Strongbox LTFS Archive tool for unstructured data tape storage solution

With StrongBox®, all of your archived files are always accessible and automatically protected thanks to StrongBox’s intelligent storage management. Use StrongBox® to archive unstructured data that’s rarely accessed, but still needs to stay safe and available. It’s that simple.

Key benefits:
  • Free up primary storage capacity to defer high-dollar storage purchases.
  • No more backups – data archived in StrongBox® is already protected.
  • The lowest cost solution to storage management

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Linear Tape Open (LTO) archiving solutions
Ultroium LTO tape

The Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is being used by many organizations to help protect and preserve precious content files. In this final installment of the three part series we will review a couple of exciting user implementations and look at many of the providers that have hardware and software offerings that support LTFS.

In part one of the series we learned what LTFS is and how it works its magic to make LTO tape act like a disk. In part two we examined the simple steps to get started using LTFS. Let’s now take a look at how organizations have taken advantage of this amazing technology.




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Tape storage is het data opslag en archief medium voor grote organisaties zoals ziekenhuizen, banken en andere grote instellingen, ook binnen de CCTV(beveiligingen) speelt het platform een significante rol.De ontwikkeling van LTFS (laat tape gebruiken als grote USB stick)en Barium Ferrite tape media(zorgt voor een veel grotere betrouwbaarheid van opgeslagen data op tape) zijn de meest belangrijke ingrediënten gebleken voor een zwaar verbeterd Tape platform. “Powered by Tape” volgt het storage nieuws op de voet en zal daar waar mogelijk in een adviserende en verbindende functionaliteit willen voorzien.

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