LTO8 backbone of active archive and Cloud
LTO8 handles data explosion

Soon (year-end)the LTO roadmap will been extended to LTO 8 which will allow up to 12.8TB of uncompressed data to fit one single cartridge. The upgrade includes some great effective changes, such as the larger compression buffer for history which could mean up to 32TB on a single generation 8 cartridge.

LTO8 has like the LTO5, LTO6 and LTO7 the ability to segment the cartridge into two partitions. Each partition can be independently accessed to provide faster access to the data.

More benefits

Protects your data against Ransomware: Holding Data Hostage,

Using removable storage media helps prevent electronic access to data because the media removed from the system is no longer accessible electronically because it`s offline. Disk systems remain online and are potentially vulnerable to an attack, but with removable media, such as LTO tape, there is an air-gap between the tape cartridge and the computer systems.   An air-gap means there is no electronic or physical connection to the data on the tape cartridge.  In addition, since it is offline, the tape cartridge uses no power. These elements help provide secure, low cost data content preservation.

Upcoming Data explosion

With Active archive you will have  ability to respond to future growth and evolve as data expands, an active archive solution is one that will grow with your organization, delivering a responsive archive, built to adapt to your changing storage landscape for now and in the future.

Meta data driven

metadata can drive data placement policies to virtualize any storage type including archive. So the active archive can be online and accessible for all users, whether it is on locale cloud disk, tape, public cloud, or a remote site. Such metadata-enabled systems also enable users to search on any metadata fragment, to find the data whether in active archive, or a disaster recovery site, on premises or any other storage tier anywhere.

New generation technologies

The new Terzetto 32 channel Tape head of IBM and Barium Ferrite tape material growing buffer and higher read/write speed (360Mb/s)will guaranty an optimal storage solution and the reduction of  data loss.

Fundamental role of tape storage in an active archive solution

By its High capacity, Fast performance, Lower cost per GB, Portability, great longevity, Scalability, Compatibility Tape will be considered as the backbone of the new Storage Active archive solution.