This site was originally set up as an informative platform around the data storage form Tape storage. Although this form of storage is still current, its use has changed considerably. All major Public Cloud providers continue to use Tape storage. The availability of data has changed, partly due to collaborative infrastructures such as the use of Object storage, decentralized data management systems and the use of smartly deployable meta data that together guarantee a completely new data storage infrastructure. It is therefore not only a question of how you store your data, but it is important that you keep all your data.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning offer the business community and society endless possibilities. The core and usability of this playing field is determined by the extent to which we can collect data and store it for a short or longer period of time. The success factor of the business will be determined in the coming period by the way in which organizations manage to keep data under control.


This site will therefore cover more than just the tape storage platform, but also share advice with you regarding new innovative storage forms.

About Tape storage

Tape storage is the data storage and archive medium for large organizations such as hospitals, banks and other large institutions, the platform also plays a significant role within CCTV (security).

Owning and using a lot of data is the binding factor.

Since the signing of the “Tape market State of the union Message” in 2012, many significant innovations have been reviewed.


Greater capacity, improved reliability, improved usability and better affordability are the most notable. This is a direct result of a close collaboration between tape storage hardware and software technology manufacturers. The development of LTFS (allows tape to be used as a large USB stick) and Barium Ferrite tape media (provides much greater reliability of stored data on tape) have proven to be the most important ingredients for a heavily improved Tape platform.

Covenant of Tape Evangelists: Tape Storage Council.

Members of the Tape Storage Council are BDT and Fujifilm recording media as well as various hardware vendors such as Oracle, HP, IBM, Quantum, Spectralogic, Overland and others.


Powered By Tape specializes in tape storage problem solving Tape drive repair and Tape library repair. Powered by Tape is an Active Archive specialist.

“Powered by Tape” follows the storage news closely and will, where possible, provide advisory and connecting functionality. Powered by tape is in contact with various tape drive repair and tape library repair specialists.

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